Garage Door Service in Fountain Hills, AZ

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Please call us now if you need;

  • Emergency Repair Service (if your garage door needs to be fixed ASAP, call us immediately)
  • Same Day Repairs (its important to schedule as early as possible because we get super busy)
  • Weekend Repair Service (If its the weekend and you need us to service your garage door)

We are able to handle any residential, commercial or industrial garage door issue such as;

  • Spring/broken cable replacement
  • New garage door unit installation
  • Automatic motor installation
  • Torsion Spring Repair and Replacement
  • Etc.

FH Local Garage Door Repair

 Performance Door Service has been offering local garage door repair service in Fountain Hills, Arizona for several years. We are a mobile garage door repair service company able to handle any kind of repair or installation job. Our business is well known for our incredible service and very affordable pricing. We are well liked by our customers for our friendly attitude and prompt fast service. As our business and reputation in Phoenix continued to grow more people in Fountain Hills started reaching out to us about fixing their garage doors. That is when we decided to expand our service area to include Fountain Hills, AZ. Although relatively new to the area, we have already become a hit among the local community. FH residents have whole-heartedly embraced us as part of their town and we love providing excellent garage door service to them at affordable prices.

We Can Replace Your Broken Door

Broken or garage doors that do not shut all the way are a security risk to your house. Is your door sagging, hanging crooked or dented? Let us help! Whether you need a repair or a replacement we are able to help any homeowner.

Homeowners can never afford to have a malfunctioning or damaged garage door. It could be a manual or an automatic garage door, an overhead roll-up door or a heavy double wide set. You should always have an impeccable garage door for numerous reasons.

A damaged garage door is a grave security risk. The garage is accessible to intruders and your prized car is vulnerable to theft. Everything you have in your garage and typically homeowners keep a lot of stuff there will also be vulnerable to theft. If your garage has an access point to your house, then your entire property could be entirely unsecure.

Issues with A Non-Working Door

Beyond the theft and increased chances of burglary, a damaged or non-working garage door will also increase your energy consumption and raise your utility bills. It is not uncommon for garages to be insulated and a damaged or non-working door will certainly not help in keeping the garage space insulated from temperature extremes or the mild fluctuations that can easily have a bearing on the energy consumption. Unaddressed energy leaking garage door issues could cost your household thousands of dollars per year (enough to pay for a brand new unit!).

Doors that don’t open fully or close completely are difficult to operate and can signify further problems. You may also have to keep your car out on the street which is not advisable. Your garage may also be easily accessible by coyotes, rattlesnakes, wild pigs, bobcats and then you have the scorpions. You have to keep the local wildlife away and you must not provide them the slightest opportunity to invade your garage or your home.

Most Reliable Garage Door Company

Performance Door Service specializes in garage door repair and caters to Fountain Hills and the surrounding areas. However, It is not the specialization that makes our company an ideal choice for residents in the area, the attributes that make Performance Door Service stand out are the reliability, promptness and affordability of our services. You don’t have time to call up a garage door repair company and wait for hours or possibly more than a day before someone turns up and gets the job done. We do it better! You cannot spend a mini fortune and you can certainly not rely on any company that has a history of delivering poor quality solutions. We make sure your garage door is repaired properly and there should be no similar or related problems in the near future.

For optimum functioning and convenient operation of a garage door, you need to rely on the expertise of our trusted certified staff. Our technicians know exactly what to do with the specific type of garage door you have. We are able to solve any type of door issue, If you live in Fountain Hills please give us a call now!