Garage Door Installation and Replacement Service

Performance Door Service is now here to provide you garage door installation and replacement services. We are one of the leading and most trusted companies for repairing, installing and replacing garage doors, garage openers and even overhead doors. We are fully licensed and insured company, which offer high quality and reliable services, whether you are planning to remodel your house or want to sell it these coming years.  Through our well-experienced and highly skilled staffs, you are rest assured that the job will be done excellently.

At Performance Door Service we are able to offer:

Replacement of Overhead Garage Doors

Do you have broken garage doors but don’t who to call for?  Well, Performance Door Service could be the perfect choice for you. We have expert technicians who could fix right away. And guess what? You can avail without breaking a bank!

New Garage Door Openers 

With garage door openers, you could go in and out of your house. Most of the time, they are being controlled by a switched, which is attached on your garage wall. So, by the time that it doesn’t function properly, it causes too much hassle for you then. We will never let you suffer from that. We could provide new garage door openers coming from the most reputable brands. Aside from that, we can install them also for you.

New Keypads

There are instances that the  keypad  already gave up or not functioning well.    Thus, if  cannot be repaired anymore, you must replace it already.  We at Performance Door Service also supplies wide variety of keypads.

Opener Remotes

Likewise, we are also happy to say that we are also offering opener remotes, which could match perfectly on the garage door opener you are using right now.

Insulation Kits

It is also necessary to insulate  your garage doors.   It is one good way for you to lessen your energy bills. Not only that,  doing it will make your garage free from any debris, dirt, snakes, bugs and even rodents. But this requires  skills and expertise such as what our company have.    But if you opt to DIY, we  can also provide you excellent quality of insulation kits.

Best Garage Door Install Service

Through the years, garage doors can get worn down and its important to schedule a yearly annual tune-up to make sure further repairs are not needed. We have served so many homeowners and even commercial businesses. No matter what, at the end of the day, we make sure that our job will be accomplished without any complaints. We take pride in our numerous number of happy clients about our service for them. They have seen how dedicated and committee we are  when it comes on our job.

There is no such small or big job for us. We strongly believe that every  problem has its own solution. We’ll fix, replace and install your garage doors, by hook or by crook.

So if you are planning to  hire a garage door company who can install or replace parts or even the whole garage door, please let us know. We’ll do the job for you. Contact us at (602) 368-4453 or email us at